New to home schooling from Highlands Ranch
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    Default New to home schooling from Highlands Ranch

    Hello to all my Colorado people. I have a child who is in 7th grade and am totally new to home schooling. Would also maybe like to know about any groups out there that get together and do stuff with the kids.


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    Hi Melissa, I'm from Highlands Ranch, too! My son is 16 and a sophomore. We've homeschooled before, but are back doing it now because he's very involved with theater and needs the flexibility of being able to sleep in in the mornings after being at rehearsals three nights a week.

    There is a great homeschool group that we've been a part of for years, Common Ground Homeschoolers. Here's a link: Login Required | Common Ground Homeschoolers

    They also have a FB page:

    We're not very active in the group, because he's so busy with theater stuff, but it is a very active group.

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