New to Homeschooling in Arvada CO
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    Default New to Homeschooling in Arvada CO

    Hello, Im going to be homeschooling my children next school year and I live in Arvada Co. Is anyone using Time 4 learning in or around Arvada Co? Im trying it now to supplements their current education.
    Im looking to see what other resources people use ontop on this Time 4 learning. I also would like to know about the evaluation option instead of the standerized testing for state records..

    Thank You

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    Hi, ArvadaCo.

    The state forums don't get a lot of traffic. Part of your question my apply to any homeschooler in other states, like what do they use to supplement Time4Learning. I think you may find another Time4Learning forum where you can post that part of your question and have a better chance of getting feedback.

    One option is posting in the 'stages' forums, or maybe even just the Homeschool Families Time4Learning forum.
    Here's the link so you can see all the different categories.
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