helo all,

Just started T4L two days ago. So far my kids like it. Let me share our story. We were
doing a public school at home. We done it last year and started it this year. My children
done ok last year. But have not done so well this year with it. The school called me and
told me my children wre not working up to grade level and suggested I look for somethig else in so many words. I was upset and scared at first because I thought now what? So I came across T4L and am going to give it a try. I want to get out of the public school system all together, and home school on my own. There is to much pressure put on these poor kids
in the public school system and on the parants. We were fighting just to get the work done
and it became miserable for all of us. It was getting the asignments in and not so much about learning just get everything done. So now we are here any advice would be helpful
thanks. Veronica.