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    Hola! We're starting our 2nd year homeschooling but I'm new to T4L. I just signed my kids up last week and so far they like it. I have two 10 yr olds, dd in 5th grade and ds in 4th grade (we held our son back one year). Both kiddo's were in ps until this last year when we decided to homeschool. We use a variety of curriculum, including Math-U-See, Writing With Ease, Beautiful Feet's early American History (but switching to Story of the World soon), Spelling Workout, and lots of other good stuff. I like learning from other parents and sharing ideas.

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    Welcome, to the forum, Cindy, and welcome to T4L!! I'm so glad you are liking it...the flexibility of being able to use an eclectic mix of curriculum to find what fits your children is so awesome, isn't it?? Thanks for taking the time to post.

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    Hi Cindy! So glad you are here. Homeschooling is so freeing I think. I like that I have control over what my daughter learns (well, I let her pick out stuff too! LOL) I think your kids will enjoy using T4L. I remember when my DD started using it, I would hear her laughing and was sure she wasn't working. She was...the LA lessons are sometimes very funny.

    Since you are new to T4L, here is a guide to how things work. It might help answer any questions that pop up along the way.

    Best wishes!

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