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    Hello! We will be moving to CO in a year.

    I have homeschooled in CA for over a year. I get a $750/month/child stipend (so the school gives me $3000 per year for 2 kiddos). I don't get cash, but I can use up to that amount in purchase orders from online stores like Rainbow Resource, Staples, etc. I can also use the money for art lessons, music lessons, tutoring, horseback riding lessons, karate, etc. (I know of one school that gives $1000/month/student!)

    I am not finding anything like this in CO. Can anyone please tell me if there are similar programs in CO? I'm starting to freak out...

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    I would be delighted to have some kind of allowance for supplies and curricula. When my granddaughter was in independent study Charter School, we had up to $300 per year on items specific for her. I'm in California in a very poor school district. Now that have left the Charter School (long story, not that the experience was bad, but it no longer met her needs), everything has to be free or out of my pocket. There are tons of things on the internet for free. Check out homeschooling Pinterest boards. I was amazaed at what all is available.

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    I don't know where you live exactly, but you should check out iLEAD (will work with anyone in any county that borders Los Angeles County, including LA County), and Gorman. We are with iLEAD. iLEAD is VERY minimal paperwork.

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