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    Default testing

    Can u tell me why you would present your test results to
    CHEC(private school) rather than your local school district?
    I have already notified the district that we are homeschooling again this year.
    I imagine I can list CHEC as our school if I decide to join them.

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    Default Re: testing

    Yes, you can join CHEC and submit test results to them. I have not had to do testing yet as my oldest is only in second grade.

    I joined CHEC last year only because I thought they might be a good homeschooling resource for our family. We did not do any testing through them. However, I did have to submit attendance forms to them. This year we just sent a letter of intent to the school district instead of going through CHEC.

    Good luck!

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    Merrianne Guest

    Question Testing

    I'm homeschooling my daughter for the first time this year. She completed second grade before Christmas and has started 3rd grade. What would I need to do to re-enroll her in school next year as a fourth grader instead of a third grader as far as the Colorado school boards are concerned?

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