What homeschool support groups do you belong to?
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    Default What homeschool support groups do you belong to?

    Sure, it isn't essential, but belonging to a local support group for homeschoolers sure helps kids to maintain friendships with other kids and have some organized playdates or fieldtrips. It helps moms build a much-needed support network too. Please post with what groups you belong to, and let's see what's out there!

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    Hello. I am Lynn and just joined with a 4yr old using T4L. I would love to hear more on the CO discussion boards, especially here with the support groups! Thank you Mamaneedham for trying to get more involvement. I see there are a lot of views on this CO forum but not many responses. That's a shame. I know CO is a big homeschooling state. I need to find some local groups.

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    Hi.....a great homeschool group for your area-Douglas (I live in Arapahoe County) is Common Grounds Homeschool Group Common Ground Homeschoolers - Home . It is very active, helpful, and supportive. I found them two months ago, and there are many ideas shared.

    From their website "Common Ground Homeschoolers is an inclusive group of families seeking educational alternatives for our children. We follow no specific religious or political agenda, nor do we espouse any particular educational or homeschool philosophy. We welcome all independently learning families, and choose to honor our differences while building on our combined strengths. We offer park days, field trips, monthly teachers' nights out, co-ops, opportunities for presentations and other activities.

    Our Goals:
    -To encourage and support the sharing of resources, knowledge and experience, to the benefit of all
    -To provide support and guidance to both beginning and veteran homeschooling families
    -To empower homeschooling families to meet their educational goals, within a cohesive community"

    Enjoy! Jenny

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