I got this in my email today. I thought it was so good I wanted to share it with you.

A Home school Mom wrote this article a while back;I cannot remember her name. I thought this was a great way for all of us to review and learn , be reminded or open our minds.

So for all new bees and less new ones , those contemplating and unsure
or thought there were but can't remember what's behind the home school
scene's curtain...

10 Reasons Not to Homeschool

October 28, 2006

1. There is no how to. You have to make your own decisions about
what is important in education. You have to read lots of books and do
lots of research to ultimately to figure out who you are, and you will
soon learn, there is no right way to educate.

2. People will always ask you why you homeschool. Then you have to
deal with their questions somehow. This. Never. Ends.

3. It is very likely that someone you love will absolutely hate the
fact that you are homeschooling, and will make it clear. Wouldn't it
just be easier to do things the way your family expects you to? You'd
get along better with them if you do.

4. You have to create your own social networks and be able to make
friends without the constructs of a school setting. And the kids have
to learn how to get along with people in the real world. The real
world is scary sometimes, and it's not always easy to know how to meet

5. You will have to answer all of your kids' questions. And sometimes,
(ok, maybe often), you'll have to admit that you don't know something.
And you can't say, Ask your teacher tomorrow. Instead, you will have
to say, Let's look it up.

6. The first step to successful homeschooling is to let go of
everything you ever knew about education, and to start from scratch.
If you really like how school works, you may be surprised at how
different homeschooling is from that version of reality. Sometimes,
that causes smoke to rise from the ears as two sets of gears try to go
in opposite directions.

7. There are a million things to buy out there. It's easy to get
sucked into the it's for our kids' education trap. And beware
homeschool conferences. They are like going to an endless mall of
educational materials and ideas. If you go to too many of them, you
may even be coerced into speaking at one.

8. Even if millions of parents have homeschooled before, nobody will
be able to tell you what to expect. Homeschooling is like being a
parent every family is different and you're going to have to become
your own expert and do a lot of research. Sure, it's possible to
homeschool without research, but that's like parenting without
thinking about why you make our choices. So, once you've decided to
homeschool, you will be spending just as much time as your kids with
your nose in a book, or doing on-site research (park days and info
nights). In fact, in the beginning, you'll probably be learning a lot
more than your kids are. That is a very tiring.

9. You run the risk of filling your house with books, magazines,
science projects and pencils. You may need to convert part of the
bathroom into a library. And what's worse, is that whenever someone
starts talking about a topic, you won't be able to stop yourself from
saying, We have a book on that! Here, let me go get it. People will
either stay away from you to keep from being told all the nuts and
bolts about taking a radio apart, or they will always be bugging you
for help on their school science projects because they know you have
all the books and info (and experience).

10. You are free. Completely and totally free. Do you really want to be free?