CT rep gives incorrect legal info
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    Default CT rep gives incorrect legal info


    I wanted to let you know that the woman who is giving legal advice/laws for CT, is NOT correct. She says that there is compulsory schooling, but there is not. She also states that the Board of Ed. there recommends reporting. Yes, they "recommend" it, but there is no law REQUIRING any homeschooler to report. In other words, they were unable to force homeschoolers to report (they tried, via various bills over the years), but they would still like homeschoolers to willingly offer their information, which would (as per their recommendations) include an ed plan, info on the children, and a yearly assessment. Obviously, if a homeschooler wants to actually offer more than is required, then that's their choice, but the "rep" is implying that it's REQUIRED, and is therefore giving the impression that it HAS to be done. Yes- she has the right to represent her choice to adhere to the law as she chooses, but she also has a responsibility to the readers of your site to give correct legal info, so that others may ALSO choose what they wish to do to comply. To imply that there is one way, only, is to take that choice from others.

    And, a word of reporting when it's not legally required (to discourage homeschoolers from doing so). Not only does it make homeschoolers in CT appear ignorant of their own laws, but it makes it look as if they don't feel secure in their choice to homeschool- that they feel that they need the state's approval.

    Please discuss this with the rep that you have, because many homeschoolers will read what she put down as the "law" and believe it. It is truly upsetting to me- after I know the fight that CT homeschoolers have had- that an a CT homeschooler would either intentionally misrepresent the CT education laws, or be ignorant of her own state's laws. I don't even live in CT, but I have friends and family who homeschool there, plus I know a homeschool lawyer there, and I am very aware of their education/homeschool laws and requirements- which are not as your rep is presenting to your readers/visitors.

    I also have concern with the validity of your site/organization, now, because it is not willing to actually seek out knowledgeable people for the task of presenting and advising homeschoolers on their state's laws. Asking people to present legal info, but not verifying it, is risky. Not all homeschoolers are aware of their laws, and may even be repeating what has been told to them by another unreliable source. If you want to be a respected organization, you need to verify what your reps are saying, or you could be allowing homeschoolers to be put at risk (by reporting incorrectly- either too much or too little).

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    Default Re: CT rep gives incorrect legal info

    Thank you SaGra for posting this.

    What is written on the CT page here is all things that are "SUGGESTED" by the state but not required. It is suggested a Letter of Intent be filed with the school but none is required. If you do one then you'll be talking portfolio reviews.

    The state rep's language makes it seem like it is more required than it really is. In fact in CT we have no real requirements. Just suggestions.

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