If you are wanting some fun 'themed' downloads for this month, here are several...

  • PreK - 2nd grade sight words plus 47 word families
    • Dolch Sight Words:
      Ideas for using the sight word section of the unit
      Art for Folders/Bulletin Boards
      Sight Words (PreK to 2nd Grade)Flashcards
    • Word Families:
      Ideas for using the word family section of the unit
      Art for Folders/Bulletin Boards
      47 Word Family flash cards
    • Additional Valentine's Day Clip Art

    (Preview the above 'PreK - 2nd grade sight words plus 47 word families' here)

  • Valentines Writing Paper
    This Valentine's Day download has 15 pages of writing paper for your students. Something for all levels!
  • Valentine Graphing Activities
    Download comes complete with 3 complete activities: Unique Heart Butterfly Activity, Heart Character Activity, Candy Hearts Activity. (Great for Co-ops!)
  • Valentines Number and Letter Cards
    With cute colorful 'Cupid Kids' holding the numbers and letters, your students will love Valentines Numbers and Letters! Students can practice number and letter recognition, matching upper and lower case letters, sequencing numbers and letters, create number sentences, practice spelling...and more!
  • Multiplication Rummy Game (Valentines Edition)
    What better way to learn and practice multiplication facts! The set comes with 96 multiplication cards, 2 wild cards and instructions for game play.
  • Craft: Heart Animals
    With this download, your kids can build a fish, bunny, kitty, penguin, pig and even a lady bug...all from hearts!
  • Valentine Math for 1st Grade
    Designed for 1st grade but it can also be used for advanced Kindergarten or remedial 2nd grade. Skills covered:
    • single digit addition (with and without carrying)
    • double digit addition (with and without carrying / Sums to 20 / Sums to 30 / by 10s)
    • even / odd recognition
    • single digit subtraction
    • double digit subtraction (with and without borrowing / numbers to 20 / numbers to 30)
    • probability
    • roman numerals
    • patterns
    • ordinal numbers
    • in/out 'function' tables
    • reading a pictograph

    (Preview pages from the last 6 downloads above here!)

  • Valentine Sweet Math -n- More
    Fun black and white 'food-related' worksheets will help students with the following skills:

    • Recognition of numbers and number words
    • Counting
    • Simple addition and subtraction
    • Finding the missing number
    • Comparing numbers (biggest / smallest)
    • Finding differences
    • Creating similarity
    • Color by Number
    • Tracing
    • Coloring
    • Cutting
    • Matching
  • V is for Valentine
    Bright colorful worksheets will help students with the following skills:
    • Letter and number recogition (and writing)
    • Tracing and Coloring
    • Writing (manuscript and cursive)
    • Finding differences
    • Sorting and Matching
    • Completing theme related vocabulary words (Missing vowels)
    • Color by Number

    (Preview the last 2 downloads here!)

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