Has anyone opted out of filing a NOI in Manchester, CT?
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    Question Has anyone opted out of filing a NOI in Manchester, CT?

    I was told by the Manchester Public Schools office that I need to file a Notice of Intent. I told her I did not intend on filing, that this was a guideline, not law, and that I only want to withdraw and asked where I would bring the paperwork. She was polite but we ended up going back and forth about the NOI to the point where I'm concerned it will cause a problem and raise eyebrows (because of her tone).

    I was not intending on filing a NOI as I do not desire that the public school system be involved in any way and do not want to have to show them a portfolio at the end of the year, no matter how easy it may or may not be.

    However, if it's going to cause a problem, such as a truancy officer or social worker at my door, then of course I'd weigh the pros and cons differently.

    I'm posting here in hopes someone in Manchester has had experience withdrawing their child (mine is 7) without filing a Notice of Intent. I don't want to have to argue the law with someone who doesn't even know the law but has the power to cause trouble for me and my family.

    I'm not looking for legal advice - I've gone over it - I'm looking for personal experience and opinions please, and they will be taken as mere opinions (nothing 'right' or 'wrong'). I thank you in advance!

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    I'm sorry I have no experience with this issue. I did however find an interesting article about the Superintendent requiring a NOI that I thought you might be interested in.

    I hope someone from your area will chime in on this one.
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    Thank you, I do too.

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