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    Hi I am new to the homeschooling world and I was just wondering what the process of it is. I am also wondering how I would be able to convince my parents in letting me do it. I know homeschooling costs money, but if there is any way I will not have to spend any money will help my situation a lot. Thank you

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    Are you a high school student? A good website for information on homeschooling high school is There's a free homeschool guide at the site for parents and another for students. If you're not in high school yet, then here's a link for a free homeschool guide:

    Homeschooling is not free. Time4Learning is only $30/month for up to 4 courses. And there are other curriculum options for homeschoolers. Time4Learning is what we use and the forum you're in now. This is an online curriculum.

    In some cases, in some states, you may dual enroll in college while also doing some of your courses in your homeschool (at home). I have two older kids who are in college now, but they started dual enrolling in 11th grade. They took a couple of courses a semester in college while still doing some of their homeschool courses at home. The courses they did at the college counted for college and high school credits. So they were ahead when they graduated from homeschool high school, and they were already college students. So the transition was a lot easier. This is just one option....not sure if it's available to you in your state. We're in Florida.

    But just do some research at that first website I gave you. Any maybe seek out a homeschooling support group in your area. Google is a great resource. Just Google "Homeschool Support group Connecticut".

    Best wishes to you!
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