I am posting this information for anyone who is looking for standardized testing materials.

If anyone is interested, please contact Paula directly at [email protected] .net

Hello all,
Now that I am back from a missions trip to Bangladesh, it is time to get going on testing details. I have spoken with Christ the Shepherd in Danbury and Southbury Baptist Church in Southbury where we have tested before and have some dates to offer. Testing is three mornings in a week, Tuesday through Thursday generally 9 am to noon. I am proposing either May 11-13 or May 25-27 in Danbury and June 15-17 in Southbury. This is for children having completed grades 3-8. High school testing is done in one morning and if there is enough interest we can consider scheduling a group for that.
Please let me hear from you ASAP about your preferred location and then dates. It would help me to know for the Danbury group if you are available both weeks or only one - if both, feel free to give me your preference also. Once we decide on the dates, I will send you the information necessary to order the tests (remember, if you order them yourselves the results come directly back to you). In the meantime, some have asked about preparation materials for the Iowa Achievement tests. While I do not recommend the use of materials necessarily, they are available from BJUPress at a 25% discount when you call in your order and mention code TSTGW10. This code is valid for phone orders only. Call 1.800.845.5731. Personally, I think that the teaching you are already doing is preparation.
When you email, please give me your child(ren)'s name, grade, any known allergies (for our snack time) and your location/date preferences along with your phone number. If you have not tested with us before would you just let me know how you received this information? I do want to encourage you to relay this opportunity to others who might be interested so I have copied my original email with more details below for your reference.

I look forward to hearing from you ~ Paula Zitzman

Maybe you have wondered about having your child(ren) tested or know others who might be interested.

I am a homeschool mother of four, three of which have graduated and gone on to college. It has been my practice to test my children using the Iowa achievement tests offered through the BJU testing service every other year during their grades 3-8. I have done this primarily so that they will be comfortable with group testing and so that when they need to take tests like the SAT it is not a foreign experience. Now that three of my four have moved on to taking those college entry tests, I have seen that the strategy has worked for them. PTL! Through the years, the achievement tests also served to show me where they fell in relation to the test group of other ------graders. It gave some peace of mind along the way and also showed me some areas in which we needed extra work. Parents receive a very detailed score report that breaks the test grades down into specific skill areas. The results are confidential for the parents and do not get reported to anyone else.

The Iowa Basic Achievement tests require a three day period to administer. I have usually given them on Tuesday-Thursday mornings in one week in the spring. We have a snack break in the middle which, while adhering strictly to the testing format spelled out by the test company, makes the kids feel like it is a fun time with friends. It has been my goal to dispel the test-taking anxiety from which many suffer (maybe you can relate

Tests are ordered by the parent from Bob Jones Testing & Evaluation Service; the cost per test ordered is $44 plus tax (shipping is included). The tests are shipped to me; the results are sent directly to the parents. There would be an additional $20 per child for my administration and return shipping. If you have more than one child being tested, my fee for the third or more children from the same family is $10 each. For more information on the tests or the service, see _http://www.bjupress .com/testing. _ <http://www.bjupress .com/testing>

If you don't already have the BJU Press Testing & Evaluation 2010 catalog, which contains the testing services information and order form, go to _http://www.bjupress .com/testing/ pdfs/2010- order-form- homeschool. pdf_ to download just the order form (2010 Testing & Evaluation Homeschool Order Form) in pdf format for mailing orders. Orders may also be placed on-line (use the link in the above paragraph), but a verification of homeschooling form must be signed and mailed or faxed back to BJU.