One of the questions that I get asked most often is "Where do I find real life support in this great homeschooling journey?" So I thought I would bring that question to the group. Please list your favorite homeschool support group, either online or in person. Tell us what you like about the group, how to contact them, and if there are any fees involved.

My favorite online support group is the Tri-County Homeschoolers. It's really Tri-State. It covers Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. The daily posts and the monthly newsletter are full of ideas of fun things to do, great places to go, and even where to find piano lessons or a dog sitter. You can contact the list owner for information about joining this list and receiving the monthly newsletter. There is an annual fee for this list but it is so worth it. You can reach the list owner at: ... =261010742

Now please share with all of us what your favorite support group is.