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The Timex Museum 175 Union St. Brass Mill Commons Mall Waterbury,CT

"We begin our tours by telling the history of Waterbury's
Clock Industry and how we have progressed from the "Shadow Stick" to the latest
technology. We continue our journey through a time tunnel exploring the
existence of "Coincidence or Connections" between ancient civilizations. "

Description of our ( 1hour ½ - 2 hours)
An Introduction to the history of telling time and the tools used.
Learn how time has been told through the ages.
Shadow Sticks, Sundials, Water Clocks, Hour/Sand Glasses and Tower Clocks.

-Learn about the history of the Waterbury Clock Company and their many
inventions that are all time related.

-View our collection of clocks, hand crafted in Waterbury starting in the mid

-Participate in an assembly line resulting in a finished product.
Continue the timeline of "timepieces" from the 1940s' to the present and into
the future with our new exhibit, "2154".Witness the impact of economics, marketing, major historical events and technology.

Activity: Create a Paper Watch.

An Exploration through time and the many "Coincidences or Connections" of
ancient civilizations.
-Learn the success factors of exploration.
Observe the work of Thor Heyerdahl and "how" ancient civilization traveled the
ocean currents in different types of water craft.
Discover the similarities of Pyramids and North America's Man Made Mounds.

Date: 3/12/10 at 12:00pm
Cost $4.00 per person ..
Payment by March 9th Please

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