I am a part of an organization called UCONN K.I.D.S, which is a division of UCONN that does research projects on child behavior and development.

I was wondering if we might be able to partner with your homeschoolers. I thought it could be a good field trip perhaps, to come to UCONN and have students participate in a research project and then attend a presentation from one of the researchers about a cool research project they’ve done.

Most of the research projects are about things like how kids acquire and use language, attention and preferences, how kids might approach solving a puzzle, or social things like taking turns or initiating into large group play. Some of the researchers have great posters from past projects, with images, graphs and charts etc, that would be cool for the kids to look at and hear about. Of course we would make it age appropriate for any group that came by.

It can be informative and perhaps inspiring to any kids that are interested in science...and may inspire them to want to move forward to college. Plus we have goodies like t-shirts or coupons for free ice cream at the dairy bar.

Feel free to check out our website: www.Kids.uconn.edu

And feel free to reach out if you think we could partner together.
Brandy Ciraldo
Research Coordinator