Book Club Schedule & Guidelines

Welcome to our very first book club event. We are so thrilled that you have decided to join us. As I have been preparing for our kick off my heart has been overwhelmed with thankfulness for this incredible opportunity to grow together.

I ask that you make this an important priority for the next six weeks. I promise you that your family will benefit greatly from the time you invest over the next six weeks as we dig deeply into discovering how our children learn.


  • Required: You will need a book to participate.
  • Our Goal: You will walk away understanding how you and your children learn and take in information.
  • Purpose: Understanding your learning style will help you work smarter and not harder.

Knowing your learning style and that of your children can actually cut back on the hours you invest daily in your homeschool. You will get bigger results when you discover what helps your child process information so that it goes in and stays PUT!


Monday-9/27- Chapter One
"What is a Learning Style?"

Monday- 10/4- Chapter Two through Six
"What Style Are You?" (Learning Style Test)
"The Dominant Concrete Sequential Learning Style?"
"The Dominant Abstract Sequential Learning Style?"
"The Dominant Abstract Random Learning Style?"
"The Dominant Concrete Random Learning Style?"

Monday- 10/11- Chapter Seven through Eight
"How Do We Concentrate?"
"How Do We Remember?"

Monday- 10/18- Chapter Nine Through Ten
"How Do We Understand?"
"How Many Ways Can We Be Smart?"

Monday- 10/25- Chapter Eleven
"Putting It All Together"

Monday- 11/1- Chapter Twelve
"The Difference Between Learning Style & Learning Disability"


Each Sunday evening or Monday Morning you will see a new thread started to represent our weekly assignment. There will be a summary from Mary & questions.

You will read the assigned pages and anytime through the week feel free to jump in and respond to the questions and write a summary of your own sharing what you took away from the assigned reading.

Please note: Though you are welcome to read ahead we sweetly ask that you please stay on topic with our schedule to help everyone get the most out of their experience. I cannot wait to begin and look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts.

We really are "Better together"