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    Hi everyone. I am considering pulling my daughter (2nd grade) out of her current school and homeschooling for the remainder of the year. Does anyone in Delaware have experience doing this mid-year? Would the state allow it? What do I need to do to get started if I decide to do that? Would I have to order all new currculum or get it from her current school (for the remainder of the year)? Thanks for your help!

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    Hello, MReede.
    The state forums are not generally moderated because it's for members to meet up or inform each other on local events and activities.
    If you have questions that are not state-specific, you may have a better chance of getting some answers at one of the other forums. We have so many that your questions would receive answers to. Here's a link to all the forums.

    I don't live in Delaware, but you can choose to use Time4Learning and start any time. We would encourage you to learn more about the homeschool laws in your state. You can find out more information at the Homeschool Legal Defense Association or even Google Delaware Homeschoool laws. But I've provided a couple of links that should help you. I know in my state we only need to send a Letter of Intent to Homeschool to our school board. Then evaluate or test our children at the end of each school year and send a form signed by a certified teacher indicating that our child has shown progress. Of course, we also need to keep a portfolio, which are samples/pictures of school work.
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