Did that get your attention? Ok, then here is what the title is really about.....I'm talking about the monster that is school clutter...
I have school clutter...everywhere! It is next to my bed, it is in the kitchen, the den, the office, in bins holding up the guinea pig house, in bookcases in various rooms. Oh and I only have one child! I'm being swallowed whole by the school stuff. I think that it is unique to homeschooling but I could be wrong. I remember complaining about the 12 pages of "pilgrim parts" that came home from public school, as part of the 20 pages of school work for a week of 1st grade.
So what I really need to know, and I am sure that other homeschoolers face the problem ...(please tell me I am not alone!)
What do you do with the clutter? How do you contain it? Where do you store it? Do you not have clutter? Wait....how can you not have clutter?! Spill the secrets!

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