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    My family andi have recently moved from Maryland to Delaware. When we were living in Maryland, we went through an umbrella scholl, but due to finances, i cannot continue to go through them again for the 2014-2015 school year. How do i go about registering with the Dept of Education as an independent home school? Also, does anyone come to our home to check progress? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, Robyn. I don't live n Delaware, but I can give you a couple of links that I found through Google for homeschool support groups and associations where you can find the information you need.
    Homeschool World: Delaware Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
    Delaware Homeschooling | A2Z Homeschooling
    Homeschooling In Delaware - Local & State Groups

    Lastly, HSLDA (homeschool legal defense association) is probably the best source of information. This would be the link to find support groups in your area, but for specific questions, you may also contact them directly.
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    Hi Robyn,
    I do live in Delaware and I would be happy to help you out. What part of the state? North? South? Middle? There are groups around, mostly in churches, who would be a good support for you. I can tell you that once you register, there is no one employed by the state who will come by to check on you. However, as a lifelong home schooler, I longed to have someone checking on me to be sure I was doing things right -- and I even have a couple of education degrees! I always wanted my children to write something for someone outside the family so that my "mommy grading system" was not tainted. It is easy to curve too generously when it comes to our own children.
    I also ordered a standardized test for my children to take in the spring. I did it myself, no scores were reported to anyone, but I called it my report card. How well they were learning was my responsibility and I took it very seriously!

    Welcome to Delaware!

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