Needing Help getting started.
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    Default Needing Help getting started.

    Hi Everyone, Ihave an 8th grader and we just yesterday decided to pull him out of the publicschool system due to the bad kids, teachers focusing all their attention to thebad kids and just the perpetual feeling of anxiety my son has been having(Getting sick every night before school, etc etc). I could use some help infiguring all of this out. I wanted so badly to get him registered with an"on-line" school but we are located in a state in which that is notan option...ugh. How do I go about getting the basic curriculums that thepublic schools use? I want to get started as soon as possible with this. Iappreciate any and all suggestions.

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    Default Homeschooling in delaware

    You first need too go to State of Delaware - Homeschool Registration and Information. You need to create an account and wait for them to accept you- They should send you an email back. Once you have done that, you login, click on ''Non public Schools Admin'' and add your student. You click on '' Print acknowledgment''. You have to go up to the school in order to get him with drawled from the school. Since 8th grade for time4learning doesnt cover social studies or science, in order to reach the curriculum for 8th grade and to past, you will need to purchase the books for both subjects. I suggest going on ebay or amazon. Glencoe Civics Curriculum Grade 6 7 or 8 Homechool Social Studies | eBay That is a good book to learn from, I previously purchased it since my daughter is also in 8th grade and didn't enjoy school to much herself. Grade 8 Glencoe Science Voyages Curriculum Homeschool 8th Homeschooling | eBay Theres another science book you can buy. I hope this helps!

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    Cheryl, thanks for your reply to Happymama. I would add to this that you can check A2Z Home's cool--Delaware for more on the legalities of homeschooling in Delaware. You can also check out he 6th grade science and social studies. You would have to add to them to make them acceptable for 8th grade. Additionally, through Time4Learning High school there are middle school science courses available, so you might also check that out. Through the high school program there are also social studies courses that would work for an 8th graded (I'm thinking specifically of World Geography since that is the one my 8th grader is currently using.) Hope this helps!
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