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    Hi! I want to homeschool my daughter who will be five in early August. What are the Delaware laws and the process I must do to get this ball rolling?
    And does anyone still work while homeschooling? Insight of that would be appreciated! Thanks so much!!

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    This is a summary of the homeschool laws for Delaware taken from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association website (HSLDA).
    And this is Information on Homeschooling in Delaware. There's a link at this page for homeschool support groups. I always like to recommend 3 things to new homeschoolers: Learn about the law requirements of your state, find a good local homeschool support group, and find a good curriculum (for us it's Time4Learning).

    As to your question about homeschooling and working, it is doable. Would you be working from home? If not, who would stay with your daughter while you're at work. That would be the main concern. At 5 years of age, your daughter wouldn't require more than an hour or two a day of formal one-on-one academics. The rest of the learning would happen through play and daily interaction, and day to day activities like grocery shopping and cooking (math/measurements), field trips to things like the science museum. Time4Learning makes it easier for new homeschoolers and working homeschool parents because the lessons are already set up and there's a Progress Report that makes record-keeping easier.

    I worked part time at a doctor's office for a few years and then as a legal assistant. My husband and I alternated being home with the kids. He worked afternoons and I worked mornings. Now I work from home. Time4Learning has a forum for working parents you may want to check out.
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