Hi. I'm Melissa, and I have been considering homeschooling my 2 children, Mary age 11.5 in 6th grade, and William, 7 in 1st grade since the end of the last school year, but am finally biting the bullet and doing it as supplemental the rest of this year(PCA won't let me pull them before the end of the year) and then starting full time over the summer.

Mary is currently in 6th grade, but after coming from Maryland Public Schools(VERY good) then going to Capital Schools for 2 years (HORRIBLE) is struggling BIG time at Providence Creek Academy(PCA), which I thought would be good for her. She was an A/B student(more As than Bs) in MD, but of course their grading scale was different, but since moving to DE, she's had almost all Bs and Cs, especially in Math. This year, she's barely been PASSING math, mostly because she was so far behind thanks to the change from Capital to PCA. She got 1s on both parts of DCAS in the Fall, got a 2 in Reading this month, but again got a 1 in Math(well below standard), so I'm affraid that she'll be forced to attend summer school and/or be retained if she doesn't bring those up(required if they don't get a 3 in both Math and reading). The school clearly isn't meeting her needs NOW, what makes them think summer school would be different? And since they only have 3 teachers for each grade(1 does science/health/pe, 1 does math and SS, and one does LA), she would just be stuck with the same teachers next year, and that would NOT help. Hence, our turn to T4L and homeschooling.

William, on the other hand, is FLOURISHING at PCA(he's been there since K), but is NOT being challenged ENOUGH. He took the STAR test (computerized) twice this year, and both times he was in the 96% for Math!!! He was in the 49% for reading the first time but went up to 60% back in November when they took it again. His principal and teacher REFUSE to allow him to do 2nd grade math work, either in the classroom or in the 2nd grade class. He finishes his homework in literally 5 MINUTES EVERY night! He was working on a 2nd grade 5th month level in November, so by the end of 1st grade(they take it 2 more times), I expect him to be working on a 3rd grade level! I cannot keep him there and let him keep being bored in math. They do have accelerated math from 2nd grade+ but I don't know if they'll actually let him in or if he'll still be bored and not advanced enough.

Thanks for having us. This site was recommended to me by several people on the Allkindoflearners Yahoo group that I belong too(hi to anyone from there reading thsi!)

Epperly family