promoting to next grade?
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    Post promoting to next grade?

    Hi all! I am going to start homeschooling my 3rd grader. I have 2 questions.

    1) How do you go about "promoting" your child to the next grade?

    2) I'm debating on wether I should pull him now or wait until next school year. If I decided to do it now, how would I start him since school is almost over in June? Would he be starting T4L at the beginning of the 3rd grade program?

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    Default Re: promoting to next grade?


    Time4Learning hosted a webinar awhile back about beginning to homeschool mid-year. It is available in recorded form on YouTube here: Beginning Homeschool Mid-Year . You can start anywhere you wish in the program, or pick and choose just the lessons your child needs.

    You will never find two curriculums that mirror each other, so "picking up where we left off in public school" isn't really possible. Each program will present things in a different order and will choose to go in-depth on different topics. Even when changing between public schools, there will be things the children at the new school have already studied and things they don't yet know that your child has already learned. Since topics are reviewed frequently throughout the years, don't fret about this.

    Most homeschoolers consider their children to be "in the grade" that corresponds to their age, regardless of the grade levels in which they are working. It is even unusual for a public school to hold a student back these days; they are pretty much automatically promoted. That's why you find the "blue reading group", the "red reading group" and the "purple reading group" all in the same classroom. It's a kind way of designating reading levels. There might also be the Math Tigers, Math Lions, and Math Bears.

    Students can work at different grade levels in each subject. If your child has completed a grade level, there will be no more activity icons when they log in to that subject. You can log in to your parent dashboard and click on Manage Students to adjust the grade level at any time.

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