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    Question Therapy Sessions

    Hello, I am new to home schooling and after reading a few post I have realized my decision was the correct one. My son is 7 diagnosed with verbal dsypraxia and now ASD. He was receiving speech and occupational therapy at school, but now I have read that Delaware does not offer this to home schooled children. Reason given, the type of label public/private all sounds bogus to me. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestion for my little monkey? We are also contacting his neurologist.
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    Hi, Dubilfam3.

    Welcome to Time4Learning and the homeschooling community. I hope you get a response from someone in Delaware familiar with your situation in Delaware. However, if you don't, there is a forum for Special Needs where you may get some suggestions, whether state specific or related to dyspraxia and ASD. I have a daughter with learning challenges and speech delays. I've gotten the best guidance from her therapists, the internet, and other homeschooling moms with children with special needs similar to my daughter's. I'm not familiar with your son's needs, so I cannot give you advice. I can tell you that for my daughter the repetition that Time4Learning allows her to do is really helpful.

    So I would tell you, just peek around at the Special Needs T4L forum or create your own post there.
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