My Daughter can finally read!
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    Default My Daughter can finally read!

    I have a special education daughter who is finally learning how to read and count money. I am so happy with this program. We just started with Time 4 Learning in October and she just picked it up and started running with it. She is finally learning. I am so proud of her she still keeps working on it even though she is 14. This program has given her a new found sense of pride in herself. I know another girl who has gone through the public school system with similar learning problems and doesn't read as well as my daughter and she has finished school. I feel blessed to have stumbled upon the website and to take that first step to start on an actual learning path that works for my daughter.

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    Congratulations! And great job as well for guiding and teaching your daughter.

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    It is nice that you get an opportunity to provide education to your daughter just because of time 4 learning. Congratulations!

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