**Moving to fort myers area,Need help Plz!**
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    Question **Moving to fort myers area,Need help Plz!**

    Hi,my family and i are moving to fort myers soon and im trying to understand the laws before i make this big move.I have read over them so many times but exactly how does this work?I know that most florida districts have a homeschool area that you call to let them know that you will be HS your child but if i choose option 1 do i only give them the standard test?Or do they have to be evaluated by a certified teacher or theropist too?And who gives the test me or a certified teacher?From what ive read florida is a great place to HS children and i can see that with all the great places we can visit for field trips but where i live now its pretty simple i give the test send it off to be graded and keep it at my home for a year.Is that how it works in florida?Sorry for so many questions I just want to make sure i have everything right before i choose whether to move or not So confused??is there a special department that i can call for all of these answers in florida?Thanks

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    Look here for a good place full of information

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    Hi, Ashley.
    I've lived in Florida all my life. We've been homeschooling 12 years. Florida Parent-Educators Association is the best place to go for all the answers you have. You can call them or peruse their website. You can find a support group in the area you'll be moving to at their site, too. The first step would be to file your Letter of Intent before August. And then each subsequent year send in an Evaluation Letter signed by a certified teacher by the year anniversary date you sent the Letter of Intent.

    I'll tell you what we do and what most homeschoolers do. We belong to a couple of homeschool support groups. There are many parents who are also certified teachers. These parents, who are also certified educators, do evaluations and/or tests for us for a fee. We have chosen to have our children do oral evaluations in their elementary grades. Once they started middle school, we started doing standardized testing. A homeschool support group sets a date to do either IOWA or SAT testing at the end of the year. When we get the results, we get an Evaluation Letter from the certified teacher stating our student has progressed. We mail this Evaluation Letter to the school board. We do NOT send test scores. The results/test scores we just file in our own personal file boxes for our own records.
    For a list of homeschool support group in your area, click on your district at this site, which should be either district 11 or 14. I'm not exactly sure which one is Fort Myers.
    Lastly, you probably already know of HSLDA. It's a good organization to support by becoming a member. They are another good source for information.

    If you have any other questions, Ashley, please feel free to ask.

    Enjoying homeschooling and learning with our 3 children, using T4L and T4W
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