19 year old 1/2 way thru senior year (homeschool) vs getting GED
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    Default 19 year old 1/2 way thru senior year (homeschool) vs getting GED

    Due to special needs, my son began homeschooling for his senior year. With only six units, he was able to accomplish about 1/2 the year, then took necessary time off. Now age 19, he wants to finish but is contemplating getting a GED instead. He is only about a semester or less from being done, however at this point he wants it to be over so he can move on. Any advice here? Is he too old to finish high school? Would finishing High school require taking an SAT or ACT?

    I want him to be in the best position to succeed later. He is planning on going to a community college and then to university.

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    Hello, Javajuliete.

    I would not recommend getting a GED. And I do not think he's too old at 19 to finish. As a homeschooler, you are the teacher of record and can create a homeschool transcript and diploma once he's completed all his credits. You can get more information on this at the Let's Homeschool High School website or from your local homeschool support group.

    Has your son been taking high school courses here through Time4Learning? You can use his Progress Report to assist you with creating his transcript. There is a Time4Learning forum for homeschooling high school here, if you'd like to ask other parents how they do it.

    If he only has a few more credits to go, and if those are not offered here on T4L, one option you may want to consider is having your son take courses at your local college as a dual enrolled student. That would be as a homeschooled high school student and college student. The credits he receives could be applied toward high school credits AND college credits. You can set up an appointment with a guidance counselor at your college for guidance in doing that.

    Taking the ACT and the SAT depends on what his future plans are. Does he plan to continue his education in college and university? If yes, then he should be taking either or both of these tests. It's what colleges and universities look at, sometimes even more closely than transcripts.

    Best wishes to you!
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