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    We are a one income family residing in North GA but will be traveling to Melbourne FL about every 2 mths. We are looking for activities (music, sing,piano,guitar,cheerleading,prom etc) that my daughter can #1 get involved in and meet people that share the same interests and #2 that are homeschooled. If you have any ideas that can help us other than public school, church and homeschool groups, I would love to hear about them. Also, we will get to do more activities in FL than GA. We do have a YMCA membership and haven't looked into possibilities there yet. Another question, where do you go for help on math if you need a little more help to get the concept that is cheap or free? Any help would be of help-----thanks to all!

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    One way you may be able to find activities is to see if there is a local Macaroni Kid Newsletter in the area you are looking. YOu can go to National : Macaroni Kid and search for the state and area you are looking for.

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    Thanks for your help and I'll look into that

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    Hi! One place you may try is the website for FPEA, which is the Florida Parent-Educators Association. If you click on the link attached to FPEA, it will take you directly to their "find your district" page of homeschool support groups. You can contact them for more information. I think Melbourne would be Brevard County, which is District 10.
    I hope you're able to get connected.
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