Back-to-School ?
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    Default Back-to-School ?

    Even though we officially began our new school year last Monday, I have always considered myself as someone who homeschools year-round, because I have no set time frame of when we stop or start. However, I do like to take breaks, when I want. Usually, we take time off in the spring for a couple of weeks around Easter, than we take a couple of weeks off in July or August. The bulk of our time off, however, is in the Winter months. We do this not just because of Holidays, but also because of the wonderful Winter weather ~> Summer is just way to hot to really enjoy unless your in water ( LOL! But look who I'm telling ) So, "Just for Fun", When do you take your Breaks & When do you begin your new school year?
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    We began 3 weeks ago. This is our first year so I am interested to hear how others do it. We plan to go year-round as well... thinking we will take time at Christmas and also when we have out-of-town guests which is quite often now that we are in FL! How many hours per day do you go? I have a 4th and 6th grader and we do about 4 hours...

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