Brand new student, looking for friends
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    Default Brand new student, looking for friends

    Hello fellow Floridians. I'm Anita and we just registered our son Avery to begin classes. We recently had to pull him out of public school for a long, long list of reasons. Avery is 7 and in second grade. He is a social butterfly so we're wondering if there are any families out there with children at or around his age that would like to get together. We live in Deltona, which is kind of in between Daytona Beach and Orlando, so we're not too far from most of the Central areas. We'd be interested in taking educational field trips together if that sounds like something anyone is up to. Also, since we're very new to this site and homeschooling, if anyone has any tips they'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hi! Welcome to Time4Learning and to homeschooling! I remember our first years fondly. It can be a bit scary, but adventurous. Have you looked into homeschool support groups in your area? This website has several homeschool groups listed. One may be near you: Homeschool World: Florida Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups Support groups are a great way to meet other homeschool families. They have field trips, co-op classes, clubs and so much more. Our group even has a yearbook that is put together by the homeschool kids (with a little help from the parents). At the end of the year we have graduation and promotion ceremonies and give out awards to kids who have participated in events like the Spelling Bee or talent show. Of course, this is optional.

    This link to Hints and Helps for new Time4Learning users should be helpful. I have that link bookmarked on my computer for easy access.

    Take a peek around the forums. You'll find a lot of good ideas and suggestions on homeschooling with T4L. One thing I like to tell new homeschoolers is to help your child develop a love for reading. A love for reading is the foundation of all learning. They'll be better self-learners and motivators, and learn to work independently sooner. So read with him and to him as often as possible. Take at least one weekly trip to the library. Make it a special day where you also have ice cream afterward.

    We use Pinterest a lot. We find a lot of great ideas on there, especially for younger kids. This is the Time4Learning Pinterest link: (time4learning) on Pinterest If you're not on Pinterest yet, I'll tell you, it's like creating your own magazine from things you like. So you see something you like, and you just pin it onto your own Pinterest. So you have easy access to it anytime you want to refer back to it.

    Enjoy your homeschooling journey!! I hope to see you around the forums!!
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
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