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    Hello all!
    I did homeschool a couple of years for my oldest son. He was having a rough time. And now here I am again with my youngest. With all of the budget cuts and changes in policies, he fell between the cracks and didn't get the help he needed. It was disappointing. Even his teacher last year told me that the school dropped the ball with him. Hopefully I can help get him back on track.
    I was checking to see if there are any other Brevard County homeschool families using Time4learning.

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    Hi Dani! Welcome to the board.

    Hope some other members can chime in with their locations... Good luck this year and let us know here if you need anything!
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    Hi Dani!

    We have home schooled our youngest all last school year with Time4Learning in Brevard County. We moved to Miami Beach within the last month but they are all still registered with Brevard while we attempt to establish residency & the big 2 finish up their semesters in FLVS. Brevard has been so easy to Homeschool through that I am really in no hurry to get everything going here. I dread all the paperwork.

    I'm not sure what elementary school your child went to but we originally pulled our oldest from Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High 2 yrs this November because they just wouldn't even talk with me about his education & were letting him fail without even letting me know the was a problem. When I specifically asked, when I was actually allowed on campus, they told me everything was fine. My girls finished up the school year that year at Cape View where my oldest daughter was sexually harassed & I had to force them to change my youngests teacher since her teacher didn't seem to care. The end of the year the teacher that I had pulled my Lillian from only had 11 students in her class & ALL 9 of the students of those 11 that had been with her from the beginning of the year failed 1st grade. The 2 that passed transferred from another school district towards the end of the year.

    I hope you enjoy Time4Learning. Lillian loves it & really seems to do well with it.

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    Welcome, Dani!!! How old are your boys? We're in Orange, but get over to the beach every once in awhile - does that count? We're close to the theme parks if you ever visit them. Look forward to getting to know you a little better
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