Considering switching to homeschooling...
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    Default Considering switching to homeschooling...

    My 7th grader is falling behind in school this year due to multiple absences due to health issues. We are considering taking her out of public school and basically starting 7th grade over via home schooling. Will she be able to complete 7th grade using Time 4 Learning in time for 8th grade in the Fall?

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    Hi there! I'm so sorry to hear that your child is falling behind. The great thing about Time4Learning is your child can work at whatever pace they are capable of working. While I'm sure it will be a little tough as the lessons are meant to be done throughout the course of a school year, if they are determined enough I see no reason why it couldn't be done. You can always look over the 7th grade lesson plans and you may be able to skip over areas that your child already covered and understood.

    Hope that helps, at least a little. Always feel free to ask any questions you have here! There are some great members in the Fl forum here, with lots of experiences to share and great advice to give!
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    Thanks for the input! I think she would definitely be motivated to do well so she can start 8th grade on time with her friends.

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