Crestview mom FCAT?
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    Default Crestview mom FCAT?

    I am new to the homeschool world and have a quick question. How do I go about getting the FCAT tests done for my kids? And how do I know when they're due??

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    Not sure what part of Florida you are in. But if you contact your school system they should be able to help you in where you can take the FCAT. I can give you a heads up that unless you are teaching to the FCAT or your children are advanced. They might not pass it. It might be better to find a tester in your area.
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    Hi. I'm not sure if you know that by law, in Florida, homeschooled students are not required to take the FCAT.
    Here is a link to the Florida homeschool law.
    We live in Florida and have homeschooled over 12 years. There are three options we can choose from, as you can see in that link. We have had our children evaluated by a certified teacher (also a homeschooler) through the elementary school years. Once our kids entered middle school, we have had them do testing in a group with other homeschoolers monitored by certified teachers. But we could've chosen to continue with evaluations. The test is given through our local homeschool support group. The tests are IOWA or SAT tests. Those are two different tests that are offered. We never send our test grades to the school board. The law only requires we send a signed letter/form signed by a certified teacher indicating the student has progressed from the previous year, according to test scores.
    You may want to contact a support group in your area to get some guidance or contact information to testing sites or names of evaluators.

    I hope this helps.


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    My kids are enrolled in a private school, Florida Unschoolers, all you do is register your kid like a regular school, but this is a homeschool program. you let your district know that you are enrolled and you don't need to do the FCAT, or do a yearly evaluation. All you do is send in quarterly attendance and your good to go, best part this school is free.The link to the site is Home -.


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