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    Question Decisions to make

    Hi, I am a mom of a 19mo old little girl. I have not decided yet whether I'd like to send her to a regular public school or not, now I realize she's still real young and won't be starting school for another 3 years or so but I have plans on becoming a stay at home mom once my husband starts his truck driving career and I remember how many problems I had in school trying to get my teachers to connect with just me and my problems individually not understanding things instead of making an example out of me and embarrassing me and making me hate school. I think I could give her the attention I know other teacher's can't give to one student without neglecting the other students. I also need to find out if there are any requirements I need to have to do homeschooling... Any answers will be helpful,
    Thank you
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    Hi Latressa, and welcome! I don't know that it's ever too early to start thinking about your child's education. There are quite a few things you can do to start getting yourself ready to homeschool, if that's the path you choose to go down. The first thing I would recommend you reading is this Welcome to Homeschooling Guide. It's great, with a lot of info. And it can be a good benefit to you, even if you haven't yet made the final decision to homeschool.

    Another great resource is the Time4Learning Florida Homeschool Resources page. You can find information about laws in FL, support groups in the state, and more. If you want a more expansive look at the homeschool laws, check out HSLDA's Florida Homeschool Laws page. I always use this site when I need to double check the state laws.

    Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Look at all of the information you are going to find a little at a time. You have some time and you want to enjoy the beginning of your homeschool don't want to feel like it's already too hard or too much work before you even get going!

    Feel free to always post any questions you have, that's what we are all here for; to support, help and encourage each other!
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