Do I Need to Notify the School? Newbie!
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    I will be starting to homeschool my 2nd grader after winter break. I know all about the Letter of Intent and the Florida laws... However, I'm not entirely sure how to handle it with the school. I don't want her teacher to worry. How do the schools react usually? Will I have to go there or can I call them?

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    It's very kind of you to be concerned about the teacher and not wanting her to worry. You don't have to go there. You can simply mail a copy of your Letter of Intent to the school. If you've developed a closer relationship with the teacher or principal, you can call them. It's not required, though. They may say nothing at all, or they may try to talk you out of it. It all depends on the teacher and how well informed they are on the homeschooling laws....and if they personally know homeschoolers.

    Teachers who are not familiar with homeschooling are sometimes offended that they spent so many years in school to become teachers and here we are without the 'educational training' thinking we can do a better job than they can. So just be prepared for this kind of reaction. There is so much more to homeschooling our children (one-on-one time) that they often don't understand. So don't let them dissuade you from your choice to homeschool.

    Well wishes to you. You will do great! I can tell you it's the best choice we've ever made!!
    Feel free to ask questions here anytime.
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