Enrolled for Summer...now what? Need advice...
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    Default Enrolled for Summer...now what? Need advice...

    Please share your feedback on how to structure lesson plans, time spent, daily schedule, etc. for my daughters who will be going into 3rd and 5th grade. I'd like them to stay sharp and possibly advance during summer to have the best possible start for the new school year.

    There are so many lessons and subjects that I don't believe they'll be able to complete during the summer. I look forward to your suggestions so they can make the most of their time.

    Thank you!

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    Hello, Thegatos.
    Welcome to Time4Learning.

    I would suggest you take a look at the Lessons Scope and Sequence for each grade level. You can determine what lessons they need to review from their previous grade level or lessons they may want to do to prepare for the upcoming school year.

    As you may know, your daughters can work at different grade levels for each individual subject. For example, she may work at 3rd grade level in Language Arts, but 2nd grade level in math, if she needs to review some concepts in math for 2nd grade.

    You are able to select the grade levels from the parent admin page yourself. If you choose 3rd grade, your daughter will be able to do 3rd grade level in that subject, but she may also be able to switch to 2nd grade for review or 4th grade for enrichment.

    As you look at the Lessons Scope and Sequence, you will see an LA# (Learning Activity number). So for example, if you want your daughter to do addition lessons in 3rd grade Math, the LA# are 34185, 34186, 34193, 34205. Once you've chosen a lesson you want them to do, you can just enter that number into the Activity Finder tool. It will take you directly to that lesson. And your daughters can repeat lessons/quizzes/tests as often as necessary.

    You may also find this Hints and Helps page helpful in learning to use different tools at Time4Learning.

    Another option would be to have your daughters do the quizzes or tests for each lesson in 2nd and 4th grad.e to determine their weak areas. The Progress Report will help you keep track of their scores. If they score low on a quiz or test, you can have them do those lessons.

    I hope that helps.
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