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    How do I find teacher in Duval county to the evaluation on a 2nd and 4th grader?

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    Hi there, and welcome! Here is a really detailed pdf file I located...

    Duval County Home Education Program Guidelines and Procedures. I did see required forums and such, as well as the homeschooling statutes for the state of FL. I didn't see a list of evaluators, but I did see a contact number for the school board. They may be able to direct you to someone they see being used in the county.

    If you didn't want to go through the school board, I see this website recommended A LOT: FL Homeschool Evaluations - Florida Certified Teacher/Evaluator, Standardized Test Adminstrator According to his website, he's certified to do the evaluations in all counties, and everything can be done via phone and email.

    Hope that helped! Always feel free to ask any other questions you may have.
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