Fleming Island, FL - Thinking of homeschooling 4th grader next year
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    Question Fleming Island, FL - Thinking of homeschooling 4th grader next year

    Hi, I am researching options for possibly homeschooling our son. He will be in the 4th grade next year. He was tested in kindergarten for the gifted class and tested very high. We have looked at Abeka and T4L so far. We don't like the idea of common core. Our son is making all A's this year, but comes home saying he is bored. He has also come home saying that when he raises his hand for help or a question that the teachers just look right over him and does not help. I am afraid that that will hurt him eventually. Which also upsets me when he does not get the help he needs! I love the idea of having one on one teaching with him at home and I feel like he is being held back from learning when the other children are not understanding what is being taught....

    Are there any other families that live in or near Fleming Island area so that we can meet up or we can email? Our biggest concern is him making friends outside of public school.

    Thank you for any information.

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    Hi, Wendy! I'm not in your area, but I had some of the same concerns. I loved teaching my children but always worried about them making friends. We ended up joining local homeschooling groups (even started my own) and doing some outside classes (dance, co-ops, etc). You might also try our Facebook family group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Time4LearningFamilies/

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    Hi Wendy,
    Welcome to the Time4Learning forum. Since you're considering homeschooling, there's a free Guide to Homeschooling in this link, in addition to Information on Homeschooling in Florida. One of the links on this page is a link for support groups in Florida:

    I used Google to search "Homeschool support group Fleming, Florida" and some links came up for me.

    Best wishes, Wendy!
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