Florida Courts and Homeschooling??
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    Default Florida Courts and Homeschooling??

    Hello all!
    I have a question about something that isscaring me to no ends!
    I started homeschooling my 1st grader inDecember. My ex husband only agreed to this because my son was taken advantageof on the bus. My son has done exceptionally well with homeschooling. At thetime that I pulled him out, I didn’t even know he could read ( now reading 2ndand some 3rd grade level) , math was still adding numbers bycounting circles ( he now is doing 3 digit addition with regrouping) and hisbehavior was horrible ( now improved REMARKABLY).
    Anyhow, the bus incident caused atemporary truce with his father which is now over. He is back to underminingand bulling me. I sent him an email with a proposed summer schedule and hisonly response was “just to let you know ,i expect you to enroll (name) in regular public school for this upcoming school year. “ (copy and pasted with the name removed).
    I do NOT want to give up homeschooling! Iknow that if I don’t enroll my son in public school I will be taken to court.My unfortunate experiences in court so far have been that the non custodial canbasically do and say whatever they want and the courts will still pamper them(out of pity?).
    So, my question is…do I stand any sort ofchance in court?? Has anyone else here had to go through this? Any tips on howto improve my odds? Don’t custodialshave ANY say in these sorts of matters??
    I really appreciate any informationanyone can give me.
    Thank you!

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    Hi Chey, and welcome. I am so sorry that you are going through that. Unfortunately, I haven't had to go through something like that so I can't really offer any advice. Have you talked to your ex and shown him all of the improvements that your son made while homeschooling? Maybe you and he can talk about what his concerns are about homeschooling and you can work out options for taking care of those concerns? So many people think that a classroom is the only way to provide a child with "socialization." My boys were a part of a homeschool group, they attend a fine arts academy for homeschoolers, they play soccer twice a year with the local recreation department and they are involved in Scouts (the latter two are with other public school children). Socialization isn't a problem for those two, lol.

    Again, I'm sorry I don't have any advice or experience to share...
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