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    Default Florida laws question

    Under option 1 all I need is:
    • give a notice of intent the first year
    • Keep a 2 year portfolio
    • Get and summit a portfolio with child's name address and birthday

    right? There's no designated subjects? How does a newly transplanted home schooler fulfill the 2 yr. portfolio requirement? Should I just keep last years and this years portfolio if I'm moving there next year?

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    Hi, Miguel's mom. You only need to submit the Notice of Intent the first year you begin to homeschool. You don't need to send it again after this. The Notice of Intent must have the name, address and date of birth of each child in our homeschool and signed by the parent.
    As for the portfolio, law does NOT require us to submit the portfolio. Portfolios consist of a sample of each of child's work in their own individual notebook or large envelope in all subjects. So for example, our daughter S has a large envelope with a sample of copy work, a few worksheets for each month, pictures of her doing Time4Learning, records of work completed on T4L and art work. I also include titles of any workbooks we may have used and a log of educational activities like field trips, museums, plays, educational movies/documentaries, etc. that we've participated in or watched. With a Sharpie I write on the front of the envelope Sam 2012-2013. We have one for each year.
    The law states that portfolios are to be 'maintained' not 'submitted'. The only thing we submit is the Letter of Intent, the Porgress Report at the end of each school year, and then the Declaration of Intent to Terminate Home Education Enrollment. At the end of the school year, if you have your child evaluated, the evaluator may want to see a sample of your student's work (portfolio). If your child is not being evaluated, but instead is testing, then you just save the portfolio for your own records or keepsake. The evaluator/certified teacher will give you the Progress Report to send to the school board. Keep a copy for your records and send original certified mail to your county school board.

    You don't say how many years you've been homeschooling or if you have their work for each year. Just save what you already have. So, yes, keep last year's and this year's portfolio.

    Here is a link to information on the Florida Home Education Laws.

    I hope that helps.
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    You don't need to submit a portfolio each year.just an evaluation.Here is a link to a decent person that does evaluations. He will talk on the phone to you, meet you in person, or you can email or send the 6 samples of work to him.
    FL Homeschool Evaluations - Florida Certified Teacher/Evaluator, Standardized Test Adminstrator

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