help my daughter just started last week and is getting many 60's
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    Default help my daughter just started last week and is getting many 60's

    hi my daughter has add. she had a 504 plan at her school...i withdrew her because she was always getting punished for not paying attention,and she was failing no matter what she did. she is in the 4th grade level and thats where i started her on here ....i dont know what to do do i just continue this level until progress reports?? im so confused...

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    Hello. Welcome to Time4Learning. If you've already started with Time4Learning, have you had a chance to log in to your parent admininistration page? There are some great videos and tools there to help you in getting started with Time4Learning and understanding how to use the curriculum to your best advantage. There are also instructions and videos on how to use the Progress Report to keep track of your daughter's scores and progress.

    If your daughter is doing well with the 4th grade lessons, then just have her continue with each lesson. My daughter does about 2 to 3 lessons in each subject each day. Time4Learning is student-paced, so just have her do what she can each day. Also, she can repeat lessons/quizzes/tests if needed. Some kids are not in the same grade level for all subjects. So if you need to change or adjust her grade levels for any of her subjects, you can do that in your Parent Admin page under Tools, or you can call Time4Learning Support for assistance.

    If it would help you to talk to someone in Support, you can call Time4Learning at 888-771-014. They're very helpful and would be happy to give you some guidance.
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