Help with my options for home schooling
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    Default Help with my options for home schooling

    We are home schooling for the first time this year and need some help .
    See this year we are doing one course but I am not shure that is is the right on and was thinking of doing the time4learning , My worry is do they get all they need and can you do two children with one computer?
    Also I know that our children are still young but I worry about there fuchuer and going to collage, can they still get in to a good collage if they are home schooled from 2nd and 3rd gread?
    And if you have any other souport to share we are open to all help posable . We do not get no souprt from faimly they all think we are doing the wrong thing for our chilren and feel that they should be in troditional school and they put my husband and I down for Our desison to home school. Wich this is fine, because this is were our faimly as a unit harts have lead us and we are happy to be a close nit famliy . It just would be nice to have some souport and help when we are looking for a light on wich way to turn .

    Thank you for taken the time to read and for any help thet you may be able to share.

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    Hi there! I'm so sorry that I haven't replied before now....sometimes posts just get lost. :/

    Here is a great Welcome to Homeschooling guide that you might find helpful. There's also a Getting Started with Time4Learning guide you can look through, to get more information about the program and navigating the site.

    My boys are in 2nd and 7th grades, and to be perfectly honest we haven't thought about college yet, lol. I have read on here, and on other homeschooling blogs, about many homeschooled children attending college successfully. You may want to check some of the other forums on the site and see if some of our veteran homeschoolers can chime in with information on colleges for you.

    If you are looking for some local homeschool groups in Fl, here are a couple of sites you can check to see if there is one that fits your family:

    Homeschool World: Florida Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
    Florida Homeschool Groups, Events, & Activities

    Hope that helped, at least a little. Always feel free to ask any questions you have and share your experiences!
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