How to convince my wife to do home schooling?
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    Default How to convince my wife to do home schooling?

    My kids currently participate in a Jewish Religious School, and I'm not happy with the level of secular studies. I want my kids to become good professionals from a prestigious university, and almost all the kids in the current school don't even go to College, please let me know how can I explain my wife about the importance of homeschooling?

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    If she is going to be the one teaching, this can get sticky. Homeschooled students, as a group, score well above their public schooled peers, but one of the reasons that is so is because they typically have an interested an involved teacher . . . which your wife may not be if she feels she is forced into doing something she isn't committed to.

    You could certainly Google some of those statistics to share with her. If you are going to be doing the teaching, you could research methods and discuss your choices with her, so she understands that you can provide an education comparable to what they would receive in school. She may still have to "deal with" the kids being at home all the time, and some people just don't want to do that. Homeschooling is certainly not the right choice for everyone.

    Of my six kids, four are grown. I've homeschooled them all the way through high school. One is a professional (electronics engineer), one manages a restaurant, one is a chef, and one is halfway through college to become a professional (teaching). They are all happy with their choices, and I'm proud of them all.

    Homeschooling won't guarantee that your children will grow up to become good professionals from a prestigious university and attend college, and I'm not sure if I would be comfortable setting that kind of goal for my own kids. I have always wanted them to be nice people and be happy. As far as career goals, I have supported whatever they decide to do, although I've shared practical things to think about, such as likelihood of obtaining a job in their chosen field and typical pay rates.

    Homeschooling is all about parents making decisions that are right for their own children. I'll be interested to learn what you decide for your own family.

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