How to Meet Foreign Language Requirement for Florida Colleges
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    Default How to Meet Foreign Language Requirement for Florida Colleges

    We have used T4L for years. I have heard that Florida community colleges (I assume universities also) will NOT accept any homeschool classes or curriculum, including T4L or Rosetta Stone or anything else, to meet the foreign language requirement for college entrance. So homeschoolers are out of luck and will have to take it in college. I heard the FL Colleges will ONLY accept 2 years of foreign language from an accredited brick-and-mortar Florida public school or FLVS. Anyone else hearing this? That means you have to take foreign language in college in order to get an Associates from a FL community college (that will transfer to a FL University), or to graduate from a FL university at all. I do not understand why this is? If colleges accept at face-value the transcripts provided by parents for all other courses such as english and math, then why the suspicion on foriegn language taken by homeschoolers? Anyone here been through this? How did you handle it? I want to avoid FLVS.

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    Default Re: How to Meet Foreign Language Requirement for Florida Colleges

    You might be interested in this article, which describes that particular law as a "quirky statute". It is very unusual, and I had never heard of it. Maybe the experience of the family in this article will be of help.

    College Lets Parents Validate Homeschool Language Credits

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