I am in Saint Petersburg and this is my 9yr old daughters first week with time4learni
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    Cool I am in Saint Petersburg and this is my 9yr old daughters first week with time4learni

    Hi My name is Janice and I live in Saint Petersburg. I have one son in college but I also have a 9yr old daughter who I just pulled out of the Pinellas county school system. Boy, they gave me a hard time about it too! I guess they don't like the smart ones to leave. Was wondering if anyone was in this area who could give me some pointers, etc. as I am new to this whole homeschooling thing. Time4learning was highly recommended to me though.

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    Hi Janice, my wife and I have two children in T4L, grades 8 & 9, who have used the program for the past 3 years. This year we did something a little different, we enrolled them in an "umbrella" school (Allendale Academy in Clearwater) as it officially changed their status from 'homeschool' to 'private school.'

    We did this as it streamlined a lot of the reporting requirements. Private school registration removes much of the onerous county requirements for annual reporting by the homeschool parent. Allendale, for example, is registerd with the state as a private school, so they handle the attendance records and annual testing record requirements, and you are not required to tell the county anything other than your child is enrolled in a state-registered private school.

    We get nothing for mentioning the school (Allendale Academy), also on Facebook at, ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Allend...94988670560847) but have found that by utilizing it our lives have become a lot easier and less stressful as far as meeting 'homeschool' record requirements.

    The first-time annual high school enrollment fee is $135.00, and $105.00 every year thereafter, but they provide official transcripts, records of annual CAT assessment scores, and are registered with the College Board, the NCAA, NAIA, Bright Futures FLVS, and the FPEA. There are other 'umbrella' private schools that are free or as low as $25/yr. and they are no doubt just as worthy a look into. We just liked Allendale's approach (it is a school founded on religious doctrice, however, that has no bearing on what you teach - you're the instructor and as such are free to utilize the resources you choose).

    Allendale doesn't provide any curriculum, that's what we use T4L for, but they do list Florida state high school graduation requirements to assist you with your planning. They also integrate any college-level work (dual enrollment) into the transcript -- my 8th grade son, for example, is enrolled on the Cleveland Institute of Electronics A.A.S. degree program and gets dual credit his work there. We hope to have him comlete the B.S. progarm by the tiome he finishes high school. My daughter is also pursuing dual enrollment, and both of them are taking CLEP exams for college credit.

    That's the beauty of homeschooling - the alternatives are almost limitless and your student can accomplish so much more by the time they graduate high school, particularly n areas that truly interest them.

    Hope some of this helps and feel free to ask any questions or request additional information!

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