Hello Friends,

My Name is Kyle and I am looking to Launch a community support group and extracurricular center for Homeschooling families in the area. I am part of The Salvation Army in Venice, Florida.

Our vision is as follows:
Bi-Weekly meet and greets- Allows parents to have a support group to lean on to share ideas. Allows youth to socialize with other youth in the area

Weekly classes: Free of charge classes to enhance the learning experience. At launch these would be all elective type classes ( Music, Sports, etc.). The goal is to have tutors available and core classes as well as we move forward

Quarterly events: Social events to celebrate your child's success in our programs but also in their own schoolwork.

I would love to see this program launch in early January but we need support and to know that there is a need.

Please contact me at
[email protected]
or 941-484-6227