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    Question Marion or Lake County

    I am looking for secular, or christian homeschool groups who will not care so much that my husband has a different belief system. We believe in both teaching him about a lot of different religious beliefs, and letting him decide what he feels like he believes in. We are not having any formal religion classes, just conversations when the subject comes up. So far, my son seems to believe in Christian beliefs, but I would back him up in any religion that he decides to learn more about. To our family religion is not so much as a family matter, but a personal choice. We would not mind a christian group, but it cannot be revolved around cramming christianity into my son's face. He knows to do good, and to accept others beliefs as their own. We are a very open family about a lot of things and talk freely when our son has questions about any subject. We don't feel as if this subject should be the main focus of our teaching. We feel more like good citizenship, and growing into a respectful, honest, loyal, and responsible young man is way more important. We also don't knock anyone else's systems. We are just wanting an accepting group of homeschoolers for support and socialization for both of us. We don't know many people as we are new to the area. Any help, please let me know.

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    Hello and welcome! Not in the FL area, but I did want to give you this link to Time4Learning's homeschooling in Florida page. There is a link there where you can look for groups near you. Hopefully some of our other members will chime in if they know of a group that fits your description.
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