needing home school programs for state of florida
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    Default needing home school programs for state of florida

    i have a child who is in 6th grade with asberger's syndrome. he is currently in hillsborough virtual but i want to home school him with a program that meets the legal criteria in the state of florida and also is tailored for an asberger's syndrome child. he does not have an iep. i live in hillsborough county.

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    Hi there, and welcome! Many families homeschool in Fl with Time4Learning. They may use it as a core, or as a supplement, but you can poke around this state forum and the other forums on the boards as well. Reading how other homeschoolers use the program may give you a better idea of how you might try things. While all of the forums could provide helpful info, these are a couple that you might specifically appreciate:

    Members Chat on Using Time4Learning
    Special Needs

    Also, here are the Florida homeschool laws for you to reference, just in case.

    I hope that helped, at least a little. Please always feel free to ask any questions you have!
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