I am a mom of nine, with six still at home. I used T4L several years ago for my two boys, when we began homeschooling them. Today I signed up again because my 13yo has been struggling in math and needed some extra help with the basics. I also signed my youngest up for pre-K.

We are in south Lake county. My husband works for....wait for it.......Disney. In addition to our two T4L kids, we also have a 12yo son, and three older girls who all have Down Syndrome. Three of ours are grown, and we have three grandchildren. I homeschooled my older kids, but to be honest, I feel that this year is the one where I am most "together", and we have the best direction we are going in. I love our materials this year!

I am excited to be using T4L again! I look forward to getting to know some of you! Marilyn